About Snow and Ice Dyeing

Snow dyeing seems to have originated with quilters a few years ago. While I see fewer posts about it today, several artists are still experimenting with this method. I enjoy the chance to do something fun with snow and snow dyed scarves continue to be extremely popular with my customers.

Snow dyeing is done with the same types of fibers and same Procion MX type dye as LWI. The difference is that snow, not water, is used to deliver the dye to the fabric.

There are several ways to dye with snow or ice. They all require the item be soaked in a soda ash solution. The fabric is then scrunched up and placed on some kind of grid to keep it from soaking in the melted snow and dye. Here's where the differences occur.

  1. Clean snow (or ice) can be piled on the fabric with a dye and water solution poured over the snow.
  2. Snow can be piled on the fabric with dry dye powder sprinkled on top.
  3. Dye powder can be mixed with snow then placed on top of the fabric.



For More Information

If you're interested in learning more about snow dyeing, see this board on Pinterest. It contains a number of tutorials from across the web.