Learning to Quilt Well

I've quilted on and off, mostly off, for a long time. My results have been disappointing but I know why: I fell in love with some fabric or someone close was having a baby and I thought I'd "just make a quilt." Getting the project finished was my goal. Only once or twice have I taken the time to see to the details but never looked at quilting as a process to be enjoyed.

Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt quilt.

Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt quilt.

The one quilt I am pleased with is the Hard Rock t-shirt quilt I made several years ago for a close friend. I've known him since 5th grade and he has been one of the best friends I've ever had. I took my time with his quilt.

For some reason I've been drawn back to quilting but there is a difference now. After spending lots of time on Pinterest, reading blogs and watching videos about quilting and quilters, I want to learn to quilt well.

Maybe it's that I'm retired and time isn't as scarce. Maybe it's wanting to belong to the huge online community of quilters since I know full well I won't join a guild. And there is definitely a desire to donate something that will bring warmth and, possibly, joy to someone.

I'm approaching this blog as a journal of my attempts, a way to gauge my progress and keep notes about what I've learned. Should you stumble by, I hope you find something that will help you.